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Friendship Breakups Among Women

If you’ve ever experienced a close/best friend breakup, then you already know the heartbreak 💔 that follows.

The feelings of betrayal, anger, and sadness, feel strangely like a significant other breakup.

You probably cried and everything 😭

Here’s why:

Women have traditionally been more socialized for connection. We LOVE our best friends. We often share things about ourselves that we haven’t told anyone else. You’ve likely cried together, laughed to tears together, possibly been through hell and back together, grew up together, or just felt like your bestie was home! Safe, cozy, and one of your favorite places to be.

Then things changed. Something became toxic, someone started to prioritize other things, there was a breach of trust, and/or a major misunderstanding.

Someone made a conscious decision to either fall back or the friendship may have ended explosively.

You may have tried to salvage things, but it feels like it could never be the same. 😢 Or maybe you lost an entire friend group at once?

Either way, I’m sure what’s kept you up at night is ruminating over what was done wrong on your ex-bestie‘s behalf or your own.

You can’t believe it’s come to this because you always imagined being each other’s lives.

You probably feel like one of you is overreacting.

I just want to say all of these feelings are normal and VALID and many women have experienced them.


The reason that friendship breakups can sometimes feel WORSE than bae breakups is because we don’t plan for friendships to end.

Its almost as though we don’t realize how serious a friend relationship is until we have no choice, taking it for granted, assuming it’ll never end. This causes us not to nurture our friendships the way that we should by communicating effectively, avoiding throwing shade, & putting other things first in a way that blows off the friendship.

We assume they’ll ALWAYS be there 🤔

When you enter a romantic relationship, a job relationship, you are FULLY aware that you need to do your part, & so does the other person/entity, or this relationship could end.

Why don’t we enter our friendships that way?

It is simply something that we haven’t considered!

Friendship breakups are the worst, and don’t get me wrong, sometimes they are very necessary because we all deserve the best.

But some of them didn’t have to end.

What we can do is show up differently in new friendships that we make 🙏🏾

We can come with the same level of vulnerability and optimism for the friendship after we heal from previous friend breakups, of course.

But we can be aware that we must do our part to communicate when we don’t like something, don’t be overly opinionated about our friends lives, and don’t expect that our friendships will never end, because they could.

The healing process from a friend breakup is also WORTHY of support from a professional.

You and your future relationships deserve you at your best. You can and should process ALL breakups with a therapist.

You deserve that level of support.

Reach out to schedule a consultation with one of our therapists today.

Lets Get You #FriendReady Again 👯‍♀️

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