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Symptom Management or Uprooting Root Causes?

Hello All!

It's been a little minute, other life obligatory tasks had me by the toes, but I'm back here, in your face, at your nose!

What I'll be sharing today is the ways that therapy with me as your therapist can go.

Hence, the title of this blog!

To put it simply, my go-to therapist behaviors to support you are:

  1. Symptom Management

  2. Uprooting Cause of Symptoms

The symptom management is to get you through challenging or overwhelming moments, and the uprooting has the goal of symptom cessation or major decrease in symptoms at best.


Lets Talk Symptom Management

Symptom management is a collaborative effort in that, I make specific recommendations for you to try, as I get to know you and your lifestyle, your triggers, your quirks, and you actually trying them, and giving me a report on how it felt to give it a try.

Therapy as a whole is a collaborative effort, and not just your therapist fixing you. You have a pretty active roll too!

This works best when you actually try recommendations from your therapist, in full, multiple times, check in with how it made it feel, if you feel it helped or not, and give an honest report to the therapist.

I know that this is the stage of therapy where a client may not be forthright about something not working, and just try to go and find another therapist, without being an active participant in treatment. You must let your therapist know what didn't work well and perhaps they can help you find barriers. There may be answers even in your inability to connect with a particular recommendation.

Give this intervention a true, fair chance so that we can find what works for symptom management for you specifically.


Let's Talk Uprooting The Cause

This is personally my favorite part of treatment.

I get excited about this because it is where mindset shifts, narrative changes, and true healing comes into your journey.

Not to take away symptom management's shine, but Uprooting the Cause is bae!

This is often a client fav as well, because with uprooting comes awareness, burdens lifted, feeling lighter, alternate communication styles, quality of life improvements, and relationship changes. Many times, from this alone symptoms decrease significantly and even go away!

Not to take away from symptom management, because different life events can trigger you even after uprooting has taken place, and you will need to know how to cope when this happens. This is where:

Symptom Management and Uprooting Root Causes work together!


Doesn't that sound amazing?


I always go into even MORE detail after learning a bit about what brings you to therapy specifically, I can explain a bit more about what this could look like for you and I when you book your consultation.

To do so, please follow the steps by clicking that beautiful button below 👇🏾

Let's get you in tune!


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