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InnerWork Wellness was founded in 2019 by Tolaya Geredine, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Chicago, Illinois. Using her own lived experience as a catalyst for her desire to help others heal, Tolaya found that she has a passion for helping black professionals navigate life’s curveballs, transitions, race/identity issues in the workplace (or elsewhere), silencing imposter syndrome, & helping to sort through relational issues like boundary setting, self-esteem, breaking harmful generational-relational patterns & more.

Tolaya also noticed a need in the field for therapists working with those that are often excluded from mental health services with full cultural competency & desired to be that safe space not only for BIPOC, but also specifically for women, individuals or couples dealing with perinatal mental health challenges (infertility, pregnancy, postpartum adjustment and mood disorders), those who have migrated, the LGBT+ community, and/or those who have been harmed by religious fundamentalism, and anyone else who may feel on the outskirts of society’s compassion. .

 Tolaya’s vision then became creating a space for all of those with marginalized identities to process, be heard, & learn tools for everyday emotional wellness. From this passion to help heal, InnerWork Wellness was born. Tolaya wanted InnerWork Wellness to be just that, a place where people could do inner work & have the compassionate support to be able to honor their pain & transmute their darkness into light.

Tolaya met Tosha along the way, and noticed an alignment of values in populations that we desired to serve. Tosha began her internship with InnerWork Wellness and found that work invigorating. This life changing experience for Tosha was confirmation of the correct path for Tolaya. Tosha then was hired on as a Psychotherapist to continue to serve, upon completion of her Master's degree.

Together, we offer all services offered under the umbrella of sorting through intergenerational, family of origin, and/or societal trauma. We are committed to helping you choose to operate from your highest self, while navigating challenges that being part of marginalized identities can bring, day after day.


Whether you seek to work with us for therapy or other wellness services that we provide, we are always honored to be your practice of choice!



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