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Corporate Wellness Programs

 Unlocking Employee Potential from the Inside Out.

Hi! As you've read somewhere on this site already, My name is Tolaya Geredine. I am a clinically licensed therapist, happily servicing my community.

I've added Corporate Wellness Programs to my list of services because I saw a need!

This isn't just another run of the mill Corporate Wellness program!

I created this program because of the influx of clients coming to session talking about work stress, zoom fatigue, and so many other changes in the workforce creating dissatisfactory experiences. I could support them, but I could only do so much from the chair!

I realized, in order to create even more impact, I need to reach out TO the employers, CEO's, & business owners with solutions that benefit both employee and employer.

We have a team of qualified wellness coordinators that may join your lead presenter, Tolaya, offering a tailored wellness program to you and your team.

Your therapists and presenters are people of color with cultural competency skills and we understand that a "one size fits all" approach just won't cut it!

We tailor each service to your organization's unique needs!

You tell us what you have noticed or quantified, and we come in with sustainable & well thought out solutions.


Results you can expect:

  • your team no longer feels like just a number

  • more agility for changes and role flexibility

  • more productivity because you've created a culture of inclusivity & authenticity!

Take a look at the services we offer below and let us create a personalized plan and quote for your services. You can't beat this! We can't wait to serve you!

Contact Us To Learn More About How Our Corporate Wellness Programs Can Benefit Your Team!

Guide your team & organization toward wellness for optimum satisfaction and functioning!

Let's discuss a plan tailored to YOUR organization's specific needs!


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