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Because Therapy Is For EVERYONE!

InnerWork Wellness provides a variety of premium virtual services to various communities. Here you can learn about who Tolaya most most commonly serves, and more specifics about therapy services that are provided.

If you are seeking specialty services for your business or other organization, we are thrilled to talk about how we can help! We are able to provide consultation, clinical supervision, wellness presentations and much more, just tell us what you need!

 Whatever your needs are: YOU deserve this level of support!



Take That First Step

This is your first stop if you are interested in any kind of services with InnerWork Wellness, ranging from psychotherapy, supervision, workplace wellness presentations, interviews, speaking engagements, and the like.

All services begin with a complimentary complimentary consultation to insure that InnerWork Wellness is the right fit for your goals.


Do InnerWork With Us, See Results!

Your individual counseling sessions are tailored towards your personal goals, using our unique & differing levels of expertise to provide your premium therapy service. All counseling styles are rooted in collaboration. The more invested you in are the process, the better I can assist!



Eye Movement, Desensitization, & Reprocessing Therapy

EMDR is used by your therapist to tap into your mind's ability to heal itself naturally. As your therapist asks you questions about specific memories or feelings, eye movements, tapping, or other forms of bilateral stimulation, are used to engage both sides of the brain to help you re-process and desensitize thoughts & feelings that have kept you from living the life you desire. With this process, the memory, thought, and/or feeling tends to lose painful intensity, becoming a more neutral thought. The best part about EMDR is that other similar memories or events will be healing at the same time! 

EMDR is most known for it's use with PTSD, however it has also been very helpful for panic attacks, depression, phobias, grief, addiction, chronic pain, test anxiety, low self-esteem, & self doubt.

Our Therapist Tolaya is providing this treatment & if you are intrigued, book a consultation with her.


Pre-Pregnancy, Pregnancy, & Postpartum

Tolaya is trained to work with those perinatal mental health services. Tolaya is knowledgable on postpartum mood, and anxiety disorders, as well as postpartum rage. She can support you through this life transition, especially during these times, where you may be feeling alone. If you are looking for specialized support as you make this transition, she is equipped and ready to support you appropriately & compassionately. Don't suffer alone!

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Relationships That Feel Together, Heal Together

InnerWork Wellness is able to provide pre-marital counseling, pre-baby counseling, post-baby counseling/postpartum services to couples. We are LGBT affirmed, and work with an array of unique couples & concerns.


Affirming and Welcoming

If you're seeking quality services, provided by a therapist of color, you've come to the right place. InnerWork Wellness is equipped to handle unique mental health and wellness concerns for this community.

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Black, Indigenous, & People Of Color

Tolaya has lived experience in this world as black woman with unique challenges presented on a cultural level, generational level, family level, & through spoken and unspoken expectations that can cause difficulty living in our truths. Tolaya is a black woman, as you've probably noticed and is painfully aware of what it could mean as black people navigate everyday life and current events, making her more than capable of working with the entire BIPOC community.


Tap All The Way In To Your Potential

Are you ready to start your business but not feeling confident enough? Are you simply not sure where to begin, or feeling like the odds are stacked against you? Maybe anxiety is a barrier, or you're finding that you have so many ideas and having a hard time envisioning how it will come to fruition. In our business coaching sessions, I can assist with the basics or help you in processing the internal dialogue or limiting beliefs that keep you from reaching your potential, specifically as they relate to your business!Book your consultation today and let's get started!


Benefit from professional experience and wide range of services to help you live the life you deserve.

What are you waiting for? Schedule today!

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