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Benefits of Tele-Therapy

Hey you!

Healing looks GOOD on you, in your Pjs, cozy, all in your comfort zone and all!

In my opinion, one of the largest benefits of therapy is that when you are in your own space, feeling comfortable, it allows you to access a different part of your brain making vulnerability easier because you aren't in my office feeling guarded & uncertain.

I've watched client's body language and let me just say, the level of relaxation never looked the way that it did in my office. I had my reservations about going totally virtual because of the pandemic, but I can see the ways it benefits us all.

I've met people's pet, even a few children, and favorite blankets. I feel honored, and privileged to service people in this capacity, especially when it helps you all to access emotions that maybe you wouldn't have, had you been rushing to my office after work and sitting upright all session, low-key trying to decide what was for dinner!

As the client, the more vulnerable you are, the better your therapy can work.

The better your therapy works, the more self-aware you become.

The more self-aware you become, the more you HEAL. & that right there is priceless.

And you will learn that I often say, You #DESERVE this level of support.

Book Your Free 15 Minute Consultation Here! So That We Can Get To Know One Another & Discuss The Ways That Tele-Therapy With Me Can Benefit YOU!

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