InnerWork Wellness is a black-owned, & women operated, private-practice available to provide psychotherapy & emotional wellness coaching to individuals & couples. 

InnerWork Wellness can also meet a variety of other mental health & wellness needs for your family, organization, or employees! I can do workshops on workplace wellness topics, cultural competency in the workplace as it pertains to current events, emotional wellness consultation, & much more. Inquire within and we can develop a plan specific to your needs.

All services begin with a pre-scheduled 15-minute consultation to insure that we are able to meet your mental wellness needs.

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Meet the therapist behind InnerWork Wellness, here to serve you!  Be sure to schedule your consultation to learn more specifically, how she can support you.



Founder, Psychotherapist

Tolaya is our founding therapist, a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC) in the state of Illinois. She has been in the mental health field since 2012, licensed as a therapist since 2016. Tolaya is able to provide an array of services, read an excerpt from her directly beneath her specialties.

🔸Boundary Setting

🔸Family of Origin Issues

🔸Self-Esteem, Self-Love



🔸Black, POC


🔸Life Transitions


🔸EMDR Trained

🔸 Therapist Consultation & Supervision 

🔸 Business Startup Coaching

"You are tired of feeling overwhelmed by the demands of everyone and everything around you. You are ready to make some changes, but not sure exactly where to start. I am passionate & skilled at assisting you with sorting through family of origin issues, & then interrupting cognitions that have kept you from the life & relationships that you deserve! I am also trained in perinatal mental health. I can support you through pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, & postpartum. Whoever & Wherever you are on your life's journey, you don't have to live unfavorably in any way.

My approach in supporting you begins with learning about your present, exploring your past, & uses what I've learned about you to help you create the future you'd like with an enhanced self-awareness & new skills for life's challenges. I have special insights for people of color, professionals, perinatal mental health (men & women), and my LGBTQ+ family.

I am committed to using my clinical expertise, along with my humanity, to support, validate, & gently challenge you to disconnect from things/ideas that no longer serve you. Regardless of the stage of life you are in, or the setting that presents you with the most challenges, let's get you to a space where you are living your life with intentionality.

I am also highly skilled at assisting fellow therapists with case consultation; support that we all need to remain the best at what we do.

I've also added business coaching to my list of services, as I've helped many achieve their business launch goals and remain motivated, processing internal barriers that we're holding them back. I'm prepared to offer this service to current clients and new ones, alike!"


Tolaya Geredine, MA, LCPC

"The ONLY way out of your situation, is to go within. Literally, this means that the only way out is IN. We are here to hold space for you to do that!"

You Deserve This Level of Support.



We would love to schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with you. 

Feel free to either book using the link associated with the clinician that you are interested in, found on the Home Page, or you can contact us by submitting an inquiry on this page.

Either way, we're so glad that you found us & we can't wait to speak with you!

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